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10 Festive Christmas Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms

Christmas Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms

The festive season brings an air of joy and excitement to classrooms, and for upper elementary students, it's an opportunity to blend learning with holiday cheer. Engaging and enjoyable activities during this time can create lasting memories and foster a positive classroom environment. In this blog post, we'll explore 10 festive Christmas activities tailored for upper elementary classrooms.

1. Deck the Halls with Classroom Decorations

The visual appeal of a classroom can significantly impact the holiday spirit. From creative DIY decoration ideas to incorporating festive atmospheres through door or bulletin board displays, decking the halls can boost excitement and set the stage for a joyful learning environment. I love using Pinterest to find new holiday decorating ideas!

2. Wonderland of Christmas Read-Alouds

Creating a cozy reading corner with holiday-themed books can transport students to a literary wonderland. Explore Christmas book suggestions for read-aloud sessions, with classics like Polar Express capturing the magic of the season and fostering a love for literature.

3. Digital Escape Rooms are a Twist to Christmas Fun

Introduce an exciting twist to Christmas fun! Pair students and challenge them with an engaging Polar Express escape room. In these escape rooms, students need to search the virtual living room to find their lost Polar Express ticket. They will review math skills during the journey to find the secret codes.

These digital Polar Express escape rooms are available for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade. They are one of my favorite Christmas activities to do just before the holiday break. The escape room captivates students' attention and keeps them focused when the struggle is real. They get so excited when they “escape” and it's a real treat to watch!

Festive Christmas Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms 1

4. Scavenger Hunts in Santa's Workshop

Festive Christmas Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms 2

Christmas Scavenger Hunts add an element of excitement to solving math word problems, an otherwise difficult task for students. These activities are fun for students as they hunt for hidden links, solve problems and find the secret message.

These scavenger hunts have students looking for hidden links in Santa's workshop. Check out these word problems scavenger hunts below:

5. Jingle All the Way with Holiday Music

Create a festive atmosphere by playing holiday-themed music during independent work time. Utilize platforms like YouTube or Pandora to set the mood, enhancing the overall experience of the season. This video on YouTube with the fireplace scene is relaxing and magical!

💻 TECH TIP: In a YouTube URL, if you click after the word watch and type _popup, you'll get a full screen video automatically with no ads!

6. Crack the Christmas Code

Games are always fun, but this Crack the Code activity has a holiday twist. Students will answer math questions and use the Christmas decoder to figure out the secret message.

This engaging game not only adds a sprinkle of holiday cheer to your math Christmas activities, but also enhances their math skills in a fun and interactive way.

Festive Christmas Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms 3

7. Integrate Math Skills with Festive Treats

Combine math skills with the delicious charm of gingerbread cookies. Explore engaging math activities using festive treats like peppermints, holiday M&Ms, and candy canes to make learning both educational and delicious. Use these treats in place of manipulatives for multiplication arrays, place value, fractions and more!

8. Christmas Crafts Add Sparkle and Shine

Encourage creativity with hands-on craft activities suitable for upper elementary students. Adding math to the mix means you'll also get in some fun review. Check out the amazing Christmas math crafts from my friend Amber from TGIF and read her post to learn how she uses them to combine art with math!

9. Spread Cheer with Friendly Holiday Letters

Festive Christmas Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms 4

Spread cheer and warmth through heartfelt words! Embrace the festive spirit by having students write friendly letters to Santa, family or friends. It's the perfect way to practice letter and creative writing. Students can share cherished memories or express wishes for the coming year. Don't forget to play some holiday music while they write.

Using these cute digital templates make a great keepsake or gift, as well!

10. Host a Culminating Celebration with Christmas Activities

Wrap up the festive season with a bang by planning a classroom Christmas party. Include games, treats and activities that celebrate the spirit of the season. Consider showing a heartwarming Christmas movie, such as The Polar Express. It's fun to serve hot chocolate while watching this one, as well!

Use these Editable Polar Express Tickets as a keepsake or gift for students. They make a fun gift tag, too! The editable tickets are already included in the Polar Express Escape Rooms or you can get them separately here.

Festive Christmas Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms 5

For more information about using digital puzzles to boost math learning, check out this blog post.

It's always fun to bring the festive spirit to your classroom! So, whether you are reading holiday books, writing letters, or being challenged with an escape room, these Christmas activities will leave a memorable and lasting impression on your students.

To read about more holiday ideas, check out this post on Christmas Worksheets to Bring Holiday Excitement to the Classroom!

May your holidays be bright and your classroom be filled with laughter, learning and magic!

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Christmas Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms

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